Welcome to eXoWin3x 2.0!

V1 was known as Win3xO, however the project has been renamed to fit within the other projects we are releasing. V1 was released in 2015 using MEAGRE as the front end, and it was compatible with eXoDOS v3 which was released around the same time. eXoWin3x has been modified to run in LaunchBox and is compatible with eXoDOS v5.

This pack includes 1,138 Windows 3x games. Windows 3x was an "operating environment" that ran on DOS. It preceded Windows 95 which was a proper operating system and did not run on DOS (although it had a DOS mode it could pass over to when needed). While Windows 3.x (the X standing for either 3.0, 3.1, or 3.11) ran on DOS, it was much more capable of running multi media content. As CD-ROMs were just beginning to become main stream at this time, this led to an influx of reference, productivity, educational, and FMV games released for the platform.

The focus of the main project is on games & MPC CD-ROMs that were either released in English or are fairly easy to play without a knowledge of their native language. This project is a bit different in scope from eXoDOS in that it extends beyond just games. This is primarily due to the fact that the variety of commercial releases for this platform were much more varied and much less preserved.

The software included in eXoWin3x is already setup using DOSBox, with a handful of games relying on VHD's due to their need of true DOS 6.22 files. The launching of games is seamless for the end user however, and no prior knowledge of DOSBox is required.

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