Welcome to The Complete ScummVM!

ScummVM is an opensource application which runs the data files from many popular 2D adventure games across many platforms. For a complete list of platforms, please visit the download page at www.scummvm.org. 

This torrent is a collection of games supported by ScummVM release 2.0.0. All games in the “working” directory are supported by the stable release. To play games in the “SVN” directory, you will need a daily build. This torrent also includes a directory of ScummVM supported games in alternate languages, although this section is far from complete. 

Rather than include every release version of each game, this collection only includes multiple versions of the same game if they are on a different platform, media, or their datafiles are significantly different. 

There are 437 games (including variations) considered working, with another 48 games supported by the daily build (SVN). 

Also included in this collection are the Enhanced Music soundtracks by James Woodcock. Currently he has recomposed Beneath a Steel Sky, Discworld, Inherit the Earth, Simon the Sorcerer, The 7th Guest, and Touche: The 5th Muskateer. These soundtracks, along with instructions on how to use them, are in the Enhanced Music folder.