Welcome to eXoScummVM!

ScummVM is an opensource application which runs the data files from many popular 2D adventure & RPG games across many platforms. For a complete list of platforms ScummVM runs on, please visit the download page at www.scummvm.org. 

This project is a collection of games supported by ScummVM release 2.2.0 as well as several games currently in testing with the latest daily build. Within the front end, games have been sorted into two platforms. ScummVM & ScummVM SVN. SVN titles may exhibit bugs or other undesired behavior.  In future releases, SVN games will be promoted as they become more stable.

Each game entry in the front end represents all included versions of that game. When you install and run a game, you will be asked which platform you wish to play it on. Certain platforms will then have further options such as soundcard, color depth, enhanced soundtracks, and other improvements.

There are 387 unique titles in this collection, with hundreds of variations by platform. Currently this pack focuses on English releases. A future release will bring in alternate languages.

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