Linux Patch

The Linux patch converts the launchers and install scripts of all 7,200 eXoDOS to be playable in Linux without a front end.

In addition, a Linux frontend, exogui, has been included. Note that the eXoDOS team does not offer official support for the frontend.

Special attention has been given to ensure backend feature parity to the Windows version.

The games have been configured to run in special bundled versions of DOSBox. Games which are supported by ScummVM will give you the option at launch as to which emulator you would like to use.

Apart from the fact you can't use LaunchBox and you are stuck using Linux, yes. The eXoDOS Linux patch does not currently offer support for environments using the Wayland Display Server. That is not to necessarily say it will not work, but it may not work as expected.

Removed All-Seeing Eye 3 from Linux menu option (map tracking inaccurate)

120 Degree Below Zero (2012) - Changed launcher to use ScummVM (sciAudio.exe not an option for Linux)
Eye of the Beholder III - Assault on Myth Drannor (1993) - Replaced patched AESOP.EXE file with original (patched exe does not run properly in Linux)
LockerGnome Quest Redux (2012) - Changed launcher to use ScummVM (sciAudio.exe not an option for Linux)

The eXoDOS Linux ReadMe.txt file gives more details, but here's the TLDR:
---STEP ONE---
Copy the file to the root directory of your freshly downloaded eXoDOS 5 collection. (This is where files such as eXoDOS Catalog.pdf and Setup.bat are located)
Then, in your file manager, right click on the file and select "Extract Here" or "Extract > Extract archive here", depending on what you are using.
---STEP TWO---
Double-click on start-exogui.
Then, click on "Install dependencies" in the exogui home tab. Answer the questions and wait for the setup to complete.
After that finishes running, click on "eXoDOS Setup" in the exogui home tab. Answer the questions and wait for the setup to complete.
Close and restart exogui, click on the MS-DOS or DOS Magazines tab, and select a game to play.

- Arch / Manjaro Linux
- Debian (9+)
- Fedora (32+)
- Ubuntu (and Ubuntu-compatible distributions, such as Linux Mint) (16.04+)

Aren't you a picky little Linux user. Lucky for you a user on our Discord server, jelcynek, has created the exogui, which is a fork of the Flashpoint Launcher.

It is still very much a work in progress, but it has been bundled with this release. As the frontend improves, newer versions will be included with updates.

Running start-exogui will start the frontend.

The website for exogui can be found at:

At this time, jelcynek is looking for volunteers to help in the development of the frontend.
If you are interested, please reach out to him in the #linux_port_for_nerds channel of our Discord.

Known issues:

- MS-DOS playlist is not always loaded on first run.
- There are still issues with image parsing (not all screenshots are displayed, no boxart or other images).
- In games list view screenshots sometimes are not loaded for a while. After that new screenshot should be refreshed and displayed properly.
- Games installed or removed on Linux won't update Windows installed games playlist.

Then download the patch and check out the Read Me. It has all sorts of great information and delicious recipes.